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About JuicyAds
The Sexy Advertising Network.
Building a better Ad Network, not just a bigger one.
juic·y (jū'sē)
  • Full of juice; succulent.
  • Richly interesting: a juicy mystery novel.
  • Having strong sexual appeal.
  • Racy; titillating: a juicy bit of gossip.
  • Yielding profit; rewarding or gratifying: a juicy raise; a juicy part in a play.

    JuicyAds is the sexy advertising network. It is a marketplace for Publishers to increase their revenues by selling ad space to Advertisers. We specialize in Banner Ads, PopUnders, and Mobile Traffic.

    The JuicyAds service launched publically in 2006. We have been selling mainstream and adult related advertising since 2002 -- that's a whole lot longer than many of our competitors.

  • We have one of the best and most easy to use interfaces for purchasing ads in the industry and one of the only with purchasing in seconds and instant approval.
  • We deliver over one Billion impressions daily and always growing.
  • Even during a recession where many of our competitors went out of business, JuicyAds has been growing!
  • Serving 217,000+ websites and 120,000+ clients, and more joining daily!
  • We protect our clients with the strongest click fraud detection in the industry. Your profits matter to us. So sit back, relax, get Juicy and make money!

    Award Winning Service
    JuicyAds is the one and only 17-time award winning Ad Network in the adult industry. We stand alone and in front as the most favorite, highest-rated, most respected, and most trusted Ad Network.

    2016 XBIZ Traffic Serice Company of the Year
    2016 GFY Best Advertising Network

    2015 YNOT Best Traffic Services Company (North America)
    2015 YNOT Best Industry Representative: Jimmy "Wizzo" Foreman
    2015 GFY "Newbie of the Year" (Kira KittyKat)
    2015 XBIZ "Traffic Service Company of the Year: North America"

    2014 YNOT “Best Adult Internet Brand”
    2014 YNOT “Best Traffic Services Company North America”
    2014 XBIZ "Trafic Service Company of the Year"
    2014 GFY "Best Advertising Network"
    2014 GFY "Affiliate Manager of the Year (Wizzo)

    2013 YNOT "Business Man of the Year" (Juicy Jay)
    2013 YNOT "Traffic Service Company of the Year"

    2012 YNOT "Best Adult Traffic Network"
    2012 YNOT "Best Adult Company Rep" (Julie Larson)

    2011 XBIZ "Traffic Company of the Year"
    2011 GFY "Best Ad Network"

    Sexy. Its Corporate Policy.
    Being juicy is a strategy; We understand some companies like this, and some don't. Many "Mainstream" networks actually hide their Adult websites from their clients by creating separate companies using the same platform. We don't hide anything from our clients, and we proudly service both mainstream and adult websites.

    Happy Surfers are a good thing.
    Our strategy is long term. We always choose the needs and expectations of our Publishers and Advertisers above making a "quick buck."
    We care about your traffic as much as you do. That means that as an advertising platform, our goal is to provide income for both the advertisers and publisher without annoying surfers or disrupting the surfing experience. Making more money is a great thing, but it should never come at the cost of a single Surfer.

    Personalized Service.
    We provide personal service and help to Publishers and Advertisers everyday. Answering questions, helping people setup or buy ads, and giving advice for using our service is just what we do. If you need help, just ask.

    Social Responsibility.
    JuicyAds was the first Ad Network to go carbon neutral in the adult industry, and supports several charities and organizations through donations. As a JuicyAds client, you can be proud to be a contributor to making Earth a better place. Current charities include CarbonFund, World Wildlife Fund, Red Cross, ALS #icebucketchallenge, WaterCharity, and Webmaster Toy Run.

    Donator to Carbonfund.org Donator to World Wildlife Fund Donator to Red Cross Donator to MS Society of Canada Donator to ALS #icebucketchallenge
    JuicyAds donates to Red Cross Japan Earthquake Relief, CarbonFund (March 16, 2011)
    JuicyAds donates $1,000 to Canadian Red Cross towards Alberta Flooding (July 1, 2013)
    Juicy Jay takes #icebucketchallenge ALS Association, donates to WaterCharity (August 27, 2014)

    Get Juicy. You'll like it.
    JuicyAds is operated by its owners, people who care about the business. We use JuicyAds on our own websites, because its easy and it works. Comparing us to other ad services is like comparing apples to oranges. They focus on quantity, we focus on quality.

  • "I'm very happy with JuicyAds. I've yet to have another banner/text ad sponsor make me as much as they do. Payouts have been on time and without any hassle."

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